About Anna

Hi! You can call me Anna McCluskey.

That’s sort of, but not entirely my name. I just find that I’m better able to be myself without using my real name. Weird, I know, but, well, I am weird! I write mostly humorous contemporary fantasy, some science fiction, some more serious contemporary fantasy, and some poetry.

Most of what I’ve published so far is on my Patreon page –  short stories, serials, poetry, and sneak peaks at my books. You should check it out!

My first novel, A Curse, A Key, & A Corkscrew, is now available on Amazon! You can get it as an ebook or paperback, or you can read it on Kindle Unlimited.

I also have an ebook collection of five flash fiction pieces up on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. All of the stories in it are also on Patreon, so you don’t need to join both, but if you’d rather just dip your toe into my work, it’s only 99 cents!


I have a few more works in progress up my sleeve right now too!

I’ve been working for almost a year on a book called The Bloody Unicorn and Other Delightfully Dark Drinks. It will be a collection of cocktail recipes, each accompanied by a short story of the same name. Or, if you prefer, an anthology of short stories, each escorted by its own personal cocktail recipe.

I am currently working on the sequel to A Curse, A Key, & A Corkscrew, called Witches and Weed. It’ll eventually be a trilogy!

And I’ve been writing a serial novella called Uprooted by the Storm, which I’ve been posting on Patreon, one chapter at a time, as I finish them. Once it’s done, non-Patrons will be able to sign up on this website to get it for free as a weekly emailed serial. So watch for that! If you don’t want to have to keep checking back, you can sign up for my newsletter, and I’ll let you know when it’s available.