Lumberjack Margarita

Lumberjack Margarita

Generally speaking, I’m against margaritas being served on the rocks.  I am a frozen margarita advocate, staunchly – even passionately.  And yet, here I am posting an on-the-rocks margarita.  This isn’t just any margarita, though.  In fact, this probably shouldn’t even be called a margarita.  I just thought that Lumberjack Margarita had such a fantastic ring to it.  I’m gonna say it again, not just for the Search Engine Optimization, but because I’m just so damn proud of it.  The Lumberjack Margarita.

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So, typically, a margarita is made with tequila.  That’s kind of a defining characteristic.  Not this one.  It’s gin, gin, and nothing but gin.  Gives it that foresty feel.  And to reinforce that northern wasteland vibe, I’ve sweetened the Lumberjack Margarita with maple syrup, instead of simple syrup.  This has two advantages.  One, it tastes awesome, and gives this drink a really unique depth.  Two, and this one is key, you don’t have to make the maple syrup yourself.  It’s already made.  BOOM.  Sorry, I meant, TIMMMMMBERRRRRRRRR.  Make sure you’re using real maple syrup, and not artificially maple-flavored high fructose crap.  The fake stuff just won’t give you the proper flavor.

To make the Lumberjack Margarita, start by putting your ice in a glass.  Next, add 3 ounces of gin.  Add 1/2 oz of real maple syrup.  Juice two limes, and add the juice to the gin.  Then, add as much ice as you’d like, and fill the glass up with soda water.  I know, margaritas don’t usually have soda water either.  Really, the only reason I’m getting away with calling this a margarita is the lime juice.  And the fact that it’s my blog, and I do what I want!



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