A New Hope or Whatever

A New Hope or Whatever


I’m thinking about taking this blog in a new direction. It’ll still have the old direction; I’ll still do my cocktail recipes when the fancy takes me. But I recently read -nay, devoured- the books of one Jenny Lawson, aka The Bloggess, and I was like, “Wait. She has a blog where she just talks about her life, instead of setting herself up as an expert in some random topic?” I want to do that.

Because I really liking blogging. But I always run short on things to write about. Even cocktail recipes – I always stop mixing drinks when the weather gets chilly. And I can’t force it. But my life never quite stops being ridiculous.

For instance, just yesterday, I took my dog, Chalupa for a hike in the woods by my house, as I often do. There’s this bit where you sort of come out of the woods, and there’s a field in one side, but still trees on the other. We were walking through this area, and Chalupa just disappears. One moment, she’s behind me, and the next, nothing. So I figure she’s just gotten a bit behind, and I call her, and snap my fingers, which she’s usually really responsive to. Nothing.

So, now I’m freaking out. Calling her name, and snapping like a madwoman. And suddenly I remember the beginning of every Supernatural episode ever, where some random human is doing some commonplace activity, and something a little weird happens, and because the human doesn’t hightail it out of there IMMEDIATELY, they wind up eviscerated, and covered in weird bloody symbols.

And I’m thinking, “Should I run? I can’t just leave Chalupa here! But I don’t have any salt on me! Who the hell goes hiking without loading up their pockets with salt and holy water first! I’m such an idiot!”

And then I thought, “Oh! Holy water! This trail is covered in puddles!” So I start imbuing the nearest puddle with Reiki blessings (I’m a Reiki Master) as fast as I can, and I’m just getting to the second symbol, when Chalupa trots out of the woods like nothing’s happened, and gives me the, “What the hell is this crazy human doing now?” look. So I brought her home, and sprinkled her with salt, just in case she’d been turned into a hellhound while she was away.

She’s fine, but you see what I mean, right? I could definitely do a blog about me, my craziness, my weird adventures, and my neuroses. So, I’m gonna give it a go.

The probable hellhound

Just so we’re clear, though, even though I’m still calling the blog The Whimsical Boozer, because that’s what the URL is, and it’s already established, there probably won’t be any drunken shenanigans. I’m just not a drunken shenanigans person at this point in my life. We may drag some stuff out of the vault of my 20s, but only if I can convince my parents to stop reading it.

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