Changing the Nature of the Universe

I am always talking to the inanimate objects in my life, and I really wish they would join in the conversation.  It’s super rude that I’m constantly talking to things, and they never, not once, respond to or even acknowledge me.  I’m not sure who I need to write to about this issue – I’m guessing my Senators have bigger fish to fry, like healthcare and stuff.

But I feel like I’m probably not alone in this.  Wouldn’t you like it better if, when you cajole water to boil faster, or ask a desk drawer why it won’t open, it explained its thought process to you?  It sure would make me feel more appreciated and listened to, and I’m sure I could empathize and then I wouldn’t be so angry at my drawers all the time.  Maybe if we all just focused really hard on it, the Universe would get its act together and make objects better at communicating.  We could go all Law of Attraction on it.

I’ve always wondered how they can call that a Law, though, and who decided it was a Law.  It wasn’t science.  Because in science, you can’t call something a Law unless it’s definitively proven.  I mean, even Evolution is still considered a theory, even though it’s widely accepted as fact by everyone except those super religious types who have their fingers in their ears.  So, how come everyone refers to the widely contested and impossible to prove notion that wishing makes things happen as a Law?  Don’t get me wrong – I am 100% behind this idea.  Science is pretty cool, but magic is way more fun.  I’m just wondering about the linguistics of it.

I think we should do it, though.  Let’s all sit in a circle and join hands – metaphorically speaking – and take a deep breath, and repeat after me:

Objects should be able to talk.

Make it your mantra.  We can totally make it happen.


None of these drawers will open
Image by Pexels from Pixabay