Don’t Tell Me What to Do

Throughout my life, there have been moments where I’ve had, what seemed to me, a brilliant idea.  And I’ve thought it all the way through, and gotten really excited about it, and then I’ve told a bunch of people about it, and each of them would say something along the lines of, “Well, I don’t think that’s going to work out.  You’d better [do it the way everyone else does] instead.”  For example, as a teenager, I wrote a silly little screenplay, read it to my friends, and then stuck it in a folder and forgot about it.  A couple of years later, I was in college and I came across that screenplay in its folder, and a few of those high school friends and I decided we were totally going to make it into a movie.  Then I mentioned to a class-member in one of my acting classes (I majored in the very useful field of theatre) how excited I was to be making my first movie, and she asked me where I was getting my funding.  I told her we were just going to wing it, and make it super low budget, and that it would be kind of campy, but we weren’t worried about it.  And she got a little judgy and condescending, and I started thinking maybe we shouldn’t bother, and, wouldn’t you know it, we ended up not doing it.

But lots of other movies have been made that way, and some of them even became successful, and even if it hadn’t, it would have been a great experience, and it would have made our lives better in a variety of ways, because that’s how creating art works.  This has happened to me numerous times.  I’ve always allowed myself to be swayed; either I don’t do it at all, or, more frequently, I change my plan to the more conventional method and it fails, because my heart isn’t in it.

I’m not going to let that happen here.  Writing is something I’ve been doing my whole life, but I’ve struggled to make a living at it.  Every time I’ve given it half a shot, I falter, because the usual methods just aren’t me.

I’m not going to do things like that anymore.  Screw you, naysayers.  I’m doing this my way this time, and it’s going to be amazing.  I have kept this blog going longer and more steadily than any other blog I’ve ever started.  You know why?  Because I’m actually writing about what I want to write about, instead of going the typical Sharing of Spurious Expertise route.  And it’s working.  I have fans – I have people who interact with my blog on a regular basis.  And, yes, some of those are my relatives and some are friends (including even a couple of those aforementioned high school friends).  HI, GUYS!  THANKS FOR READING!  But I’ve also got readers who I don’t know in person.  HELLO TO YOU AND THANK YOU AS WELL!

So.  What is my way?  For starters, I have removed all of the ads from this site.  Ads have always felt a bit skeezy to me, and I hate the idea of pushing something onto you that you don’t actually want.  Besides, they take away from the delight of my stories.  Instead, in a couple of weeks, I will be unveiling my brand new shop page called The Hall of Weirdness, in which I will offer a carefully gathered and curated collection of fabulously weird items for you to purchase.  Some of them will be pieces I have found among my wanderings about and some of them will be art pieces made (not by me) from upcycled materials.  This is one way in which I will be able to continue offering free content here on my blog.  If you’re an artist, and you want to sell your wonderfully weird art with me, let me know!

Paid content will be available via my new Patreon page.  Anyone who wants to see more of my work, and feels that it is worth $1 or more, can join up, support me as a writer, and gain access to my more serious (in terms of time put in – it’ll still be largely humorous) writings.  Here will be the short stories, the poetry, the essays, and early access to books.  I’m currently actively working on two books – a magical realism novel and a book of cocktail recipes called The Bloody Unicorn and Other Delightfully Dark Drinks.  I intend to self-publish these and make them available via Patreon, at least initially.  I also have an idea rattling around my head for a science fiction novel, but I haven’t really started on it.

So, that’s my plan; my big eff you to convention, and I hope you’ll all hang around for the ride, whether it’s just by continuing to read and enjoy my blog, or taking a step further and joining the Patreon.  Either way, I leave you with one of my favorite inspirational tunes: