One is a Crowd

Do you ever find yourself talking to yourself in your head as though you were talking to someone else?  Like, the other day, I was thinking through a minor decision, weighing the options, and I found myself thinking, and I quote, “Well, if I were you-”

And then I stopped short, because I am me, so this was very confusing.  And then I thought, “Oh, crap.  I’m a crazy person.”  And then I started to panic a little, because what if I’m developing multiple personalities, and they’re just sort of starting to talk to each other, and, well, I’m very introverted, and I’m concerned that if there are too many people in my head, none of us will be able to properly recharge, and I’ll just be frazzled and overloaded all the time.

I won’t be able to escape, and it’ll be like I’m at a party all the time, which I realize sounds appealing to a lot of people, but it sounds really awful to me.  I hate parties.  Parties are the worst – manically trying to  make small talk for hours?  No, thank you!

Then again, if they’re in my head, maybe I won’t need to make small talk, because they’ll already know me pretty well, so we can discuss deep, meaningful topics instead.  Or maybe some of the voices will turn out to belong to animals or plants.  I like talking to animals and plants.

The cacti in my head
Image by liqionary from Pixabay

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