The Bitter Cranberry

The Bitter Cranberry - A delightful fall drink from The Whimsical Boozer

As we get that crisp in the air, my mind turns from summer drinks to fall.  And what’s more fall than cranberries?  Pumpkin.  Pumpkin is more fall than cranberry.  So, I’ll do some pumpkin drinks eventually.  Today, though, is all about that cran.  Cranberry juice is traditionally mixed with vodka, but I like to do things a little bit differently.  I love to add a little spice to my tart, so The Bitter Cranberry is made with spiced rum.  And then, to get that bitterness, I add some Campari to the mix.

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This is a really easy one to make.  Fill a shaker or pint glass with ice.  Add 2 oz spiced rum, 1/2 an oz Campari, and 4 oz of cranberry juice.  Shake or stir – I’m a stirrer myself, but I don’t judge.  Then strain it into a cocktail glass.  I didn’t garnish mine, but if you wanted to, I think a lime wedge would be nice, especially if you gave it a little squeeze into the glass first.  


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