Hibiscus-Kiwi Daiquiri

Hibiscus-Kiwi Daiquiri

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Today is apparently National Daiquiri Day!  A pretty useless holiday overall, but one we should clearly be celebrating….  Perhaps with a Hibiscus-Kiwi Daiquiri!  

Before I even know that was the case – 2 days ago, in fact – I was wilting in the heat on my back patio, and thought, “Heeeeeeey, what about some kind of frozen fruity cocktail?  A daiquiri, if you will?”  I may have taken some poetic license with the actual wording of the thought, but you get the gist.

So I went into my kitchen, rummaged around (no pun intended), and discrovered that, in a house usually brimming with fruit, all we had was kiwis.  Which is a weird fruit to make a daiquiri out of, but I decided I was up to the challenge; I am whimsical, after all.  

It felt like it could use a nice tart counterpart, so first I brewed up half a cup of hibiscus tea (this one is good), shook it up over ice to chill it, and poured in the blender with a peeled kiwi and 2 oz of rum.  I’ve always liked to keep my daiquiris simple, with no triple sec or any of those distractions – just good old fashioned white rum.  Next, I blended it up until it was smooth. Then I poured it into a fancy glass, and garnished it with a slice or two of kiwi I’d held back.  It was pretty delicious.  I recommend it! Here’s the printable recipe for the Hibiscus-Kiwi Daiquiri below.


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