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A Curse, A Key, & A Corkscrew

Joan’s just your average, everyday meteorologist  – who happens to be cursed.

Twenty-nine years ago, Joan’s first grade teacher, suffering from a migraine, put a curse on her entire class, giving them an electric jolt and taking away their sight and voices. The symptoms faded the next day, but there’s reason to believe it’ll be back soon – and it’s already starting for some. As adults, Joan and a core group of her classmates have been racing against the clock, sifting through any info they can find on the supernatural, with no success. So when Joan comes across a skeleton key that gives her that same jolt, she hopes this may be their first real lead. She calls in reinforcements and they all descend on her house, including Veronica, yoga teacher to the stars, Ed, a pot-smoking ghost hunter, and Brandon, her sexy on-again-off-again lover.

Will Joan be able to find the antidote to the curse before it takes over their lives – and before these wackos drive her completely bonkers?


A Pilsner-Colored Ring of Light

What do a magic scone, a nun, and Santa Claus have in common? They are all included in this brief, but infinitely silly anthology from up-and-coming fantasy author Anna McCluskey.

In “Taking Flight,” join Sarah as she wakes up to discover that her anatomy has changed. Will she be able to adapt to her new body?

Sister Mary Elizabeth takes no guff from her strange visitor in “Englebert and the Nun.”

Where does “The Door in the Bathroom Wall” lead? And will Mark be able to get back out again?

Join Carson in deciphering just who these strange residents of “Elk Run Drive” really are – and why Carson is the only one who seems to be able to get there.

And Elizabeth is on a quest for the perfect scone that are actually scones. But “The Scone” she ends up with might be more than she can handle.

If you’re kind of a weirdo, and you enjoy reading slightly snarky, a little bit out-there fantasy, you’ll love laughing along with Anna McCluskey in these bite-sized pieces of madness.


A Pilsner-Colored Ring of Light is also available for Nook!

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The Bloody Unicorn and Other Delightfully Dark Drinks

Part boozy grimoire, part ghoulish anthology, all magic.

Are you kind of a weirdo?  Do you have a bizarre sense of humor and an insatiable thirst for dark comedy and the supernatural?  Couldn’t you really use a drink right now?  If you answered yes to any of those questions, you need this book.

It’s a beautifully curated collection of original cocktail recipes (and one classic), each accompanied by a wickedly whimsical short story of the same name.  There’s The Eyegouger and The Reaper’s Scythe and even A Crapload of Skulls.

From the mojito-inspired Machete to the elegant Bitter Cup, this volume has a libation for everyone – and a titillating tale to match.