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Can’t decide what to read next?  Here’s what I’m reading right now and also what I thought about all the books I’ve read since I started this page in September 2019.  Yes, I know that’s just last month.  I am going to keep going, and then this won’t seem so dumb.

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This one was a bit of a departure from my normal reading material, which is a good thing.  I think it’s important to step outside of our comfort zones every so often, and to that end, I like to visit the spot in my library where they put up a display of themed recommendations.  I don’t remember what the theme was in the display that I found this in (it had become Monster Stories when I was there today), but it looked interesting, so I picked it up.  It was good.  It wasn’t life-altering.  I enjoyed it.  It did seem a bit unrealistic in parts, which I know may seem like an odd critique from someone who writes and mostly reads speculative fiction.  But hear me out: any fantasy, sci fi, and magical realism story has to be believable for the world in which it’s set.

This book was set in our actual world, and there were a LOT of coincidences, and it just seemed sort of unrealistic.  If it had included the existence of a wizard who was causing the coincidences or if it had shown me that the ultra-wealthy couple employing the main character had orchestrated all of them, I would believe that.  But it gave no explanation beyond a vague sort of “isn’t this odd?”  Yes, Mr. Grossman, it was odd, and it distracted me, and I didn’t care for that.  Overall, however, it was a cute little read, and I would recommend it, if that’s what you’re looking for.

Wow – this book was intense!  In a good way.  The main character is a woman who is intrinsically forgettable – it’s a health condition.  No one can remember her, within a few seconds after an interaction.  Naturally, she turns to a life of crime, and this book is all about a particular crime that gets personal.  The book was fascinating and complicated.  Highly recommended!

Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett.

This is one of my all-time favorite books, by two of my all-time favorite authors.  It was recently made into an Amazon Prime show, and I totally signed up for Prime for a week, just to watch it, and it was totally worth it.  Highly recommended.  Basically, the world is ending, and there’s an angel and a demon, neither of whom is very good at their jobs, who are trying to stop it.  Hilarity ensues.